Artistic Opportunities

SitW is currently seeking Non-Union actors from New England and the Tri-State Area for the film adaptation of As You Like It .


This production of Shakespeare’s beloved comedy examines the fluid nature of identity and the ways in which societal constructs affect interpersonal relationships. 

You'll find our listing on Backstage as well as all the details below.  

  • AYLI film dates: 8/16 - 8/22 (8/15 and 8/23 are travel dates)

  • Filming around the Manchester, VT area in outdoor locations

  • Housing, transportation to VT, and meals will be covered. We will also provide you with a copy of final footage within 5mo post.

- All actors will receive a $125/day stipend for shoot days, though not all actors will be required for all 7 days. Final shoot schedule determining the number of days certain actors are needed is still being finalized.

- Rehearsals will take place virtually in the weeks leading up to filming. Please let us know your availability Monday-Friday 6pm-10pm EST for the weeks of July 12th through August 12th.

- COVID-19 safety measures will continue to be in effect both on and off set in an effort to be mindful of one another’s safety and comfort levels.

How to apply: Please email your submission to with the subject line “AYLI Submission”. Do not submit through our website or main email address.

Please include a self-tape of a classical monologue that speaks to you (pieces from AYLI are very welcome!), max 3mins in length, your headshot & resume, as well as specific roles you’re interested in being considered for. 

Roles Available:

*Shakespeare in the Woods celebrates the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming community. Actors of any and all genders who are comfortable playing cisgender characters are strongly encouraged to audition for desired roles.

Duke Senior (Woman*, BIPOC, 45-70 years old): At the beginning of the story, she is displaced from her Dukedom by her younger sister, who then banished her into the Forest of Arden. Aside from teasing Jacques, Duke Senior is benevolent and generous.

Duke Frederick (Woman*, BIPOC, 40-65 years old): The younger sister of Duke Senior. She assumes control of the land and banishes her sister just before the story begins.


A word on SitW's creative culture:

Safety (noun) : freedom from harm or danger : the state of being safe

Shakespeare in the Woods is committed to creating and maintaining a safe work environment, and as such holds a zero tolerance policy against racism, sexism, transphobia, antisemitism, ableism, xenophobia, homophobia, islamophobia, fatphobia, and ageism. 


In the event that a transgression occurs during a production, SitW reserves the right to immediately remove the offender(s) from employment, regardless of position/power dynamic.


If the individual(s) who were subject to the transgression feel strongly that they would like to attempt accountability and restoration versus immediate removal of the offender(s), SitW will facilitate the opportunity for resolution, if possible.  The outcome/decision will ultimately rest with the individual(s) subject to transgression and if they feel genuine accountability and resolution has occurred. 

When in SitW's employment, you are entering into the mutual agreement of creating and maintaining a safe work environment for yourself and your fellow artists.  You are committed to upholding a zero tolerance for any and all forms of prejudice, bigotry, hate, and bias, and understand that if you engage in any such behavior, you are subject to immediate unemployment.


It is not enough to state the desire for a safe and welcoming work environment, accountability is required.  We each must commit to creating a communal space that welcomes the uncompromising fullness of all individuals and their artistry, and be willing to hold ourselves to a standard that enables trust and vulnerability with one another.

Additional Opportunities

Currently, in an effort to have control over safety measures, SitW is limiting the amount of people it gathers for its projects. Intern, educational, and volunteer opportunities will return in 2022 with our next live performance season. Thank you for your interest in working with us! 


Thanks for submitting!