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Greta Zandstra headshot 2.jpg

greta zandstra


CORIOLANUS (Volumia); MIDSUMMER (Robin Starveling/Mudstardseed); TITUS (Saturninus), Intimacy Coordinator/Choreographer 

Greta Zandstra is delighted to join the 2022 company of Shakespeare in the Woods! While she has had the opportunity to play in other genres, she is always excited to return to the words of the bard.  Favorite roles include Olivia (Twelfth Night), Valentine (Two Gentlemen of Verona), Juliet (Romeo & Juliet), Gower/Isabel (Henry V), and Portia (Julius Caesar).  Many thanks to Siah, the SitW cast and crew, and you, the audience, for conspiring to bring this magic to life!

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