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2021 SeASOn Update

SitW has wrapped production on its film adaptation of As You Like It!  Click here to meet the AYLI Cast & Creative Team, and click here to read our post-production wrap up newsletter.  Thank you for following along! 


To learn how SitW, a theatre company, wound up making a full length film, read the following excerpt from the official announcement released on 3/31/21. To read it in its entirety, jump over here.


Though this is definitely not the news I want to be sharing with you, again, I feel a responsibility to cast, crew, and audience well-being, and therefore I must announce the continued postponement of a live SitW season. There has been progress on various levels to reopen and establish “normal” living, and I feel continued gratitude for the gains being made as the vaccines make their way to individuals and communities the world over, but we just aren’t there yet.  


In lieu of a live performance season, SitW will be mounting a small film production of As You Like It, shot in the awesome early fall landscape we know and love in the Green Mountains. To capture the depth and beauty of these natural offerings, SitW will be teaming up with Pro Love Visuals, a Film Production Company from Long Island, NY, led by Cinematographer Marcus Lewis(he/him),who previously photographed our 2019 Romeo and Juliet. I’m thrilled to also share that non-binary, multi-disciplinary artist, K. Paley(they/theirs) will be joining SitW once again for this project. Their previous collaborations include Transport Group (NYC), the Long Wharf Theatre (CT), Ensemble Theatre Co. (CA), the Core Ensemble (FL), and, of course, the inaugural season of Shakespeare in the Woods (VT).  Here, K shares a glimpse at their directorial vision:

             “As You Like It explores the space between societal constructs and human nature. Where does our understanding of gender, sexuality, and status come from? How do these concepts begin to shift as we move away from society into unknown territory? Humans are influenced by two forces: nature and nurture. What happens when the confines of societal law no longer apply? As You Like It sets sisterhood against ego and individualism. The complexity of masculinity is explored through a feminine gaze; thus, we may examine ways in which everyone, regardless of gender, contributes either to the fortification of gender roles, or to their destruction. What does a world look like that is free of patriarchal limitations? We may never know, but we can certainly imagine.” 


This project demands to exist in this moment, for all those who will see familiarity, confront a change in outlook, or find help broaching conversations.  This production seeks to blur the boundaries between film and theatre, while allowing SitW to continue thought provoking work in collaboration with the natural world, and best of all, will enable us to connect with audiences in a safe manner.

Katharine Maness,

Founding Artistic Director


Shakespeare in the Woods is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Shakespeare in the Woods must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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