2019 Season Gallery

Much ado about nothing

Cast: Zoe Abuyuan (Conrade/Ursula), MaryKate Glenn (Antonio/Father Francis), Caitlin Kilgore (Leonato), Katharine Maness (Beatrice/Verges), Caitlin McQuade (Don John/Balthasar), Rose Meriam (Borachio/Margaret), Nia Akilah Robinson (Benedick), Lexie Showalter (Hero/Dogberry), Paula Sim (Don Pedro), Ashley Versher (Claudio).

Director: Kevin Paley, Stage Manager: Daniella Wilson

Photography: Sarah Beck

Romeo and Juliet 

Cast: Zoe Abuyuan (Juliet), Dino Curia (Prince), MaryKate Glenn (Romeo), Ethan Jovanovic (Lord Capulet), Caitlin McQuade (Lady Capulet), Rose Meriam (Nurse/Sampson), Isaac Allen Miller (Lord Montague), Nia Akilah Robinson (Sister Lauren), Joey Santia (Mercutio), Paula Sim (Lady Montague/Sister Jane), Alexander Spears (Paris), Joe Staton (Benvolio), Ashley Versher (Tybalt).

Director: Nora Gair, Stage Manager: Daniella Wilson

Photography: Marcus Lewis

The taming of the shrew

Cast: Zoe Abuyuan (Widow), Dino Curia (Lucentio), Drew Davidson (Baptista), Dana Haley (Bianca), Ethan Jovanovic (Tranio), Katharine Maness (Katharina), Isaac Allen Miller (Hortensio/Bionadello), Joey Santia (Grumio), Alexander Spears (Petruchio), Joe Staton (Gremio/Tailor).

Director: Tracey Wesley, Stage Manager: Jade Marantz

Photography: Timothy Velsor

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Season Artwork by Gaby Brabazon

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Caitlin Kilgore (Leonato) and Katharine Maness (Beatrice). Photography by Sarah Beck. Copyright © 2019 Shakespeare in the Woods